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Danielle, I just wanted to say wowww! The Ka Huna massage was the best experience of my life. Your warm, soft touch sent energy through my body that I can't explain into words. I felt safe in your magical hands, looking forward to my next experience with you.


Thank you Danielle for the most amazing Ka Huna experience. It took me a while to decide but I am glad I took the dive. Danielle for me is one of the most humble, beautiful, loving and caring people, who has the power to touch your heart and soul, allowing you to move into a deeper space of relaxation and peace. She makes you comfortable and importantly listens to you and shares her feedback and experiences.


I would thoroughly recommend incorporating the sauna before the massage. It allows you to sit quietly and ready your mind, body and soul for the journey ahead.

If you go into the massage with an open mind the more you will get from the experience. And what an experience it is!!

I am 61 years young and I have had a deep seated issue for the majority of my life which has affected my relationships. After my time with Danielle I have shifted my issue and finally fell ready to move on.

I also felt the effects of the massage the next day and would recommend a 'lounge day' if possible, to allow your body rest and completely absorb the healing whether it's physical, emotional, mental or all of the above.


Lots of love


Danielle is truly and amazing person. From our initial conversation to the fantastic experience, I was made to feel calm and relaxed. The experience is much more than a massage. Im plagued with anxiety and search for outlets to learn more about myself in hopes of combating my fight or flight. For days afterwards I was at peace with myself which led to some really beneficial self reflection.

I highly recommend this amazing Ka Huna experience.


Danielle gave me a warm welcome, and sensitively talked over my interests and needs, making helpful suggestions. then followed two hours of utter bliss. The Ka Huna massage brings you into deep relaxation. You feel really cared for and respected. Peace and pleasure fills your heart, mind and body. I left feeling so happy, restored and energetic. If you have not had a Ka Huna from Danielle you have missed one of life's great pleasures.


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