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Danielle Ka Huna

Aloha, I'm Danielle, Founder of Ka Huna Bliss Hawaiian massage.


For over twenty years I have worked in a devotional manner of service. Firstly, developing a career in hairdressing and makeup and raising five beautiful children, and now working with the Spirit of Ka Huna.


In 2015 my soul was yearning for a change. Little did I know that what the universe was setting up for me would change my life and catapult me onto a journey that would develop me personally and professionally. Ka Huna bodywork came into my sphere and I took the plunge and haven't looked back.


I have dedicated myself to developing my souls calling. Realising after some time that this was my gift for the world. This isn't just a job for me, this is where I touch peoples hearts and souls, relax and release the body, and free the mind. Where I get to flow in rhythm with another human’s energy and body, creating a dance like no other.


I devote myself to my clients, creating a space of freedom and love. Holding them, so they can surrender and be completely cared for. Giving up all the stresses, shame, worry, expectations and limitations in their lives. Watching them emerge from the cocoon of a Ka Huna and seeing the smile and hearing the deep breathing brings joy to my heart. 


I have so much gratitude for the path I'm on, being able to share my gift with others and create a ripple of love throughout the world.

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